V.Brainin's theoretical and practical study seems to me to be of very serious and culturally important nature. In essence it deals with a question vital to the whole future of our music. The discovery of a promising approach to the instruction and broader education of children is possibly the crucial first step to solving this problem. V.Brainin has succeeded in finding an extremely successful way of contacting the minds of children and has developed a practical method by which hidden abilities and special gifts come to fruition.

Fortunately this work has practical as well as theoretical importance. The directors of a number of music schools in Moscow have been so impressed by V.Brainin's results, that they have adopted his methods in their entirety. It should be emphasized that Brainin's personality and his all-round talent have played a great part in his success. He is a remarkable poet, the author of many works in verse which are outstanding in their depth, delicacy of style and understanding of the hidden layers of consciousness. At the same time he is a very prolific composer with a strong feeling for form, a rich tonal imagination and a happy gift of invention.

Sofia Gubaidulina, April 17th, 1991