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What is RussSME?

The Russian Federation Society for Music Education (on the basis of the Moscow Pedagogical State University) has received the right to write about itself "representing ISME in the Russian Federation" on September 6, 2004. Through RussSME, Russia has recently been awarded INA (ISME National Affiliate) status. This status is only given to one organization in each separately accepted country. However, links between the ISME organization and Russia as the former Soviet Union go back many years. Until 1991, the Soviet section of ISME was granted this status. The Soviet section collapsed together with disintegration of the USSR. Dmitri Kabalevsky was the representative of the USSR at conference of UNESCO in Belgium in 1953. The International Society for Music Education has been based on this conference. Kabalevsky served as Vice President of ISME from 1964 to 1970. He was appointed as the third ISME Honorary President in 1972, and he served in this capacity until his death in 1987; and this title is fixed for him posthumously. The IXth ISME World Conference was held in Moscow in 1970.

The creation of RussSME is considered by the initiating group as an opportunity to restore the interrupted tradition, to return Russia to the international community of music educators. Our intention is not only to spread the activity of RussSME to all of the Russian Federation, but also to put into practice the Russian (not State, but Language) status of the organization. We are open for reception of all the Russian-speaking members from the countries of the former USSR, for our former compatriots in other countries, for everyone who understands Russian as a second language irrespective of their civil and ethnic belonging. It is not important whether Russian is a native language for our potential members or a language of interethnic contacts. At the time of introduction (February 2005), it was not only the representatives of 32 pedagogical Universities of Russia and other organizations, who joined the RussSME, but also citizens of Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, Ukraine, and USA.


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